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NATUROM Cosmetics was founded in 2009. The company specialises in making, commercialising and promoting natural and handmade cosmetics.


In 2015 the company launched its cosmetic ingredients shop, becoming the first company in Morocco to retail cosmetic ingredients. Our customers are small cosmetic manufacturers, associations, soap crafters, spas, aroma therapists, beauty studios, pharmacies and individuals interested in making their own cosmetics.


At NATUROM we strongly believe in sharing knowledge. We provide an extensive range of formulations and videos to aid our customers gain the necessary knowledge to make their own skincare. Our cosmetic workshops are an inspiring opportunity to engage with our customers and for them to get hands on experience in formulating cosmetics.


We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic persons who take pride in what they do. Supervised by a qualified Cosmetic Scientist, which means our customers can have access to unmatched professional and scientific advice and service.


Our founder: Moulay Maaroufi can be best described as an Artist Chemist. With an artistic background and a postgraduate degree in chemistry and cosmetic science, he is a source of inspiration to everyone around him. He is a strong believer in the natural movement’s values of handmade, fair trade, clean ingredients and sustainability. He is a Chartered member of the British Society of Cosmetic Science and a consultant for many international brands. He is still very much involved in every part of product development until today.


Our laboratories are a 20min drive from Marrakech, overlooking the famous Atlas Mountains; they exude an atmosphere as pure as our ingredients. Inside, the scent of essential oils mingles with the gentle breeze from the Ourika valley.

The products are blended by hand in small batches using simple techniques. Our production processes are based on an intuitive and heartfelt approach, grounded in a deep respect for humanity, purity and the earth. By combining ancient traditions, ethical methods and untainted natural ingredients, we are able to harness nature’s purest vibrancy in each and every product.


At NATUROM we promote quality by embracing good manufacturing practice (GMP), we also promote local handmade, fair-trade business, respectful of the environment, the community and above all the health and safety of our co citizens.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to look and feel beautiful. We are proud to be your gate to the world of making your own skincare. It’s enjoyable, economical, environmental and safe. It just makes sense. 

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